Enhance the operation of your irrigation system with a newly designed wheel. Aquagon Irrigation Wheels can be used with several kinds of self-propelled irrigation systems, such as a corner system, a center pivot system, a linear system, and more. This product is patent pending.

As can be seen in the photos above, there are eight spokes that brace the octagon shaped wheel. Each side of the octagon includes a triangular shaped traction bar to reduce slipping and improve traction in the mud. Other regular polygonal shapes are possible (e.g., hexagonal). The wheel is made of a ¼ inch thick galvanized steel, so there will never be the hassle of a flat tire.

  • Spread the pressure/weight of the irrigation system more evenly
  • No more worries about flat tires
  • This wheel can move through all types of soil/mud; and is less likely to get stuck
  • The ruts in your field are less deep
  • Less wear on your gearboxes
Compare to the Track
Most people believe the track is the best product because it has less pounds per square inch. Aquagon Irrigation Wheels work just like the track, except it has less maintenance, doesn’t have a rubber tire inside of it, and does not have any moving parts. Where the track hinges the pivot points wear out. Our product doesn’t have that problem. Choose Aquagon Irrigation Wheels to replace your irrigation wheels and irrigation tracks.

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About the Aquagon Irrigation Wheels
The Aquagon Irrigation Wheels (AIW) have been used successfully for several seasons in fields of varying degrees of difficult terrain and soil types.
Aquagon Irrigation Wheels is an irrigation wheel and track in one, giving it the leading edge in technology and this industry. AIW provides excellent traction in forward and reverse motion, and in any soil conditions including difficult terrain. An easy bolt on traction bar is utilized for the most difficult terrain.
The Aquagon Irrigation Wheels spread out over 400 square inches, leaving less ruts in your field.
You can choose galvanized or painted Aquagon Irrigation Wheels. If you have just one difficult area in your irrigation system, one tower that continues to slip or get stuck and create ruts; replace that tower's wheels with the Aquagon Irrigation Wheels.
AIW will give you the leading edge in crop production. No more flat tire worries, this 5 foot in diameter, 1 foot wide wheel that has ¼ inch thick steel will be the last wheel or track you will ever buy for your irrigation system.

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